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3 Easy Steps

Step 1
At Consulta, we are all about making your immigration journey as smooth as possible. During your phone or Zoom consultation, we will address your specific needs and determine whether Consulta is the right fit for you. Once completed, we move on to Step 2 together.
Step 2
We are your point of contact for all your needs. No more 1-800 numbers or support tickets. You will have access to your own member’s portal to upload documents and answer a questionnaire. A call or video chat is scheduled, if necessary, for a final review before moving on to Step 3 together.
Step 3
Once you have approved your application, we will send it to the appropriate Field Office and provide you with a tracking number. Additionally, a copy of your final application will be provided for your records.


At Consulta, we really care about guiding you through the process. We prioritize transparency and strive to keep you well-informed. You will receive a clear timeline of what's ahead, along with straightforward instructions for checking your case's processing time.

Efficient. Accessible. Affordable Immigration.